About Us


My name is Shebah, I am the creator of Inyamat. A family oriented African pop-up restaurant.

Originally from Uganda and Kenya (never been to either country), I am first generation British. I am a full time single mother (that’s my baby Grace) and part time student ✈️
The origin of it all is my love for food and my need to share.

Everything I know about my culture and heritage I learnt at home in London from my mum (she taught me how to cook most dishes). Growing up in London around so many different people and cultures, I learnt how to cook a variety of dishes (which is why Inyamat is about African food as a whole).

We now live in Aberdare, a place we’ve come to love living in (except for the public transport).

My original dream for Inyamat started when I worked at summer festivals. During lunch breaks we had so many options and cultures to pick from, and I noticed there were no African food vendors. Of the whole world represented at festivals, Africa was no where to be seen. The dream went through an iterative process until we finally launched as a pop-up restaurant.

We’re using these few months of pop-ups to test the idea and the viability. Building and improving on each event. Please support the dream by sharing our events and getting your ticket.

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