Inyamat | African Food Pop-up

Event Details

Join us for an intimate three course meal dining experience

Inyamat is an exciting new food pop-up bringing authentic tastes from across the African continent, all made from scratch and with passion, with the end goal to give everyone the chance to discover the tastiness of African cuisine.

Based in South Wales, they travel across the area, popping up in different venues to spread the word and the good vibes that come with their food everywhere they go.

Goat meat, chicken, fish, rice and sweet potatoes, carefully roasted or cooked to perfection with a delicious mix of spices, Inyamat will make sure you leave the table more than satisfied!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

FREE soft drinks

FREE car parking

Kids under 5 eat FREE
Get your Early Bird Ticket before 12.06.2019, to get 20% off.


Our Menu

Sweet Potato Soup (V/VG) – Smooth and velvety comfort soup full of flavour
Barbecue Chicken Wings – Chicken wings coated in a delicious homemade barbecue sauce
Bunny Chow – A hollowed out bread roll, filled with a curry made with aromatic spices

Fried Rice and Tilapia (P) – Intensely flavoured rice, mixed with vegetables and prawns, served with tilapia
Jollof Rice (S)🔥 and Tilapia (P) – Fiery rice, cooked in tomato stew, served with tilapia
Ugali, Spinach and Peanut Goat Meat Stew – Spinach and peanut stew with goat meat served with cornmeal (ugali)
Atap, Beans and Greens (V/VG) – stewed beans and spinach served with atap (millet and cassava meal)

Mandazi (V) – Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside donut like balls (vegan option available upon request)
Melktert (V) – Delicate but decadent, rich and creamy pie
Ginger and Chocolate Cheesecake (V) – Rich chocolate cheesecake with a fiery ginger nut base

Please note that this is a limited menu, so please advise us if you have any dietary requirements by emailing